New Version of the Dynamic CSS library

Feb 16 2009

 I have a new version of my CSS filter library. Here are the highlights of what has changed:

  • Fixed a bug when applying the alpha filter for IE5.5 and IE6
  • Added code to generate the indexed image (.gif/.png8) when it doesn't exist for browsers that don't support .png images
  • Allow conditional statements to be separated using semicolons (the statements used to be required to be on a line by themselves).

To clarify the last bullet, I will give an example of the old syntax (which still works):

        color: #000;
        if ($_GET[‘theme’] == ‘blue’)
            background‐color: #03C;
            background‐color: #CCC;

 Now can be written on a single line:

    body {
        color: #000;
        if ($_GET[‘theme’] == ‘blue’); background‐color: #03C; else; background‐color: #CCC; endif;

You can download the latest version here.


I hope you found this website useful.

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